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Business consulting

BK has been working alongside Italian and International Companies for many years.

Thanks to our professionals and relationships with major banking institutions-and beyond-we are able to provide comprehensive advisory support:

  • Financial Support
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Internationalization
  • Corporate Finding
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Booming sector. It all began in 2011 with Bernard Arnault's Bulgari - Lvmh (Louis Vuitton) transaction.
The transaction, with more than 4.3 Billion in value, has always been BK's flagship, and has allowed it to be at the forefront of M&A.

Today, small and medium-sized enterprises are also followed.

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BK Trust

BK Trust S.r.l. manages and protects personal and corporate assets, including at the most delicate moments in the lives of families and entrepreneurs, such as estate planning and generational transitions, with expertise, reliability, transparency and independence.
The business is led by a CDA made up of highly specialized professionals.

The Company is a Professional Trust Company, wholly owned by natural persons, professionals of mature experience, almost all of them chartered accountants, totally independent from banking groups.
BK Trust acts as Trustee and Guardian of Trusts expressly established on behalf of Italian and foreign clients.

To date, we have funds under management in trusts with a total value of more than 110 million euros of capitalization.

The Society is registered in the Register of Professional Trustees and Guardians established with the association "The Trust in Italy ETS."

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BK Legal

BK Legal offers a 360-degree service covering every field. It is a company between lawyers a.r.l. It employs a team of experienced professionals in different areas of law and takes an innovative and multidisciplinary approach.

The Team of attorneys, having assisted different types of clients, including those abroad, has developed the approach and particular expertise necessary to quickly identify the specific needs of its clients, as well as to provide and guarantee personalized, effective and timely solutions even in cross-border contexts.

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