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Chairman of the board of directors

Mario Liguori

Law degree, registered as a Notary Public. He has served as chairman of the board of directors of BK Trust since July 2020.

Law degree, registered as a notary public. Served as legal consultant to the Italian Banking Association for a five-year period (1973- 1978). Registered and began the notary profession in the District of Modena for two years. Since January 1980 he has practiced in Rome with his own office as a notary public, which he recently concluded due to reaching age limits. Since July 2020 he has been Chairman of the Board of Directors of BK Trust, making an important contribution in technical and compliance terms.
Board member

Elizabeth Giustozzi

Business consultant working for more than 25 years in the field of business management and leadership.

Business consultant working for more than 25 years in the field of corporate management and direction. He has gained extensive and deep experience in administrative and corporate management of companies and corporate groups; he has handled and continues to handle on a daily basis financial dealings with the top management of leading banks in Italy.
A partner in Studio Benigni first and a founding partner of GRUPPO BK later, he has handled all administrative, financial, employee and consultant relations aspects of the various business branches located in various locations in Italy that GRUPPO BK has acquired over the past 5 years, managing over time to standardize with standardized procedures realities that were initially managed and organized totally differently.
He currently holds the position of managing director of the parent company BK SPA as well as directorships of group companies.
Board member

Carlotta Bedogni

Certified Public Accountant and Auditor, expert in international tax law and taxation of trusts.

Bachelor's degree in Economics & Business from the University of Bologna. Certified Public Accountant and Auditor, expert in international tax law and taxation of trusts. Master's degree "The law of trusts in the countries of origin and in Italy," at the University Consortium for professional updating in the legal field "Uniforma," University of Genoa.
He personally accrued the requirements to qualify as a Professional Trustee and Guardian with the Association The Trust in Italy and thus obtain BK Trust registration with the said Registry.
Performed academic and teaching activities at the University of Bologna, Department of Economic and Business Disciplines. Lecturer in the area of international taxation at the CUOA Master's Degree "Leverages of Business" and the Master's Degree of Higher Education Challenge School at the Cà Foscari University of Venice. Publishes articles in Italian and German language in "Norme e Tributi," editorial of the Italo-German Chamber of Commerce and other technical journals. Board member of the Order of Chartered Accountants of Vicenza, with responsibility for the internationalization of the profession and businesses. He performs consulting assignments related to companies located in Shanghai, New York, Philadelphia, Vienna and Munich. He is currently professional Of Counsel of BK, Statutory Auditor at major industrial groups, CTU at the Court of Vicenza. member Supervisory Board for the purposes of Legislative Decree 231/2021.
He is chairman of the board of auditors of The Trust in Italy ETS.
Languages fluently used in customer support: English, German and Italian.

About Us

BK Trust S.r.l. manages and protects personal and corporate assets, including at the most delicate moments in the lives of families and entrepreneurs, such as estate planning and generational transitions, with expertise, reliability, transparency and independence.
The activity is led by a CDA made up of highly specialized professionals. Managing Director Carlotta Bedogni is a TEP (Trust and Estate Practitioner), a full member of STEP, a worldwide professional association that unites experts in advising families across generations on inheritance, succession planning, and administration of assets in trust.

The Company is a Professional Trust Company, wholly owned by natural persons, professionals of mature experience, almost all of them chartered accountants, totally independent from banking groups.
BK Trust acts as Trustee and Guardian of Trusts expressly established on behalf of Italian and foreign clients.

To date we have funds under management in trusts with a total value of more than 110 million euros in assets.

The Society is registered in the Register of Professional Trustees and Guardians established with the association "The Trust in Italy ETS."

BK Trust has adopted an internal code of conduct based on segregation of duties, integrity and absence of conflicts of interest. The Company acts as Trustee by exercising all fiduciary powers in line with the law governing trusts. It shall take the most appropriate steps so that each trust fund is segregated both with respect to its own assets and with respect to the funds of other Trusts of which it is Trustee.

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